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I think I'm losing my mind

I'm not really good at this stuff tbh
5 Seconds Of Summer- Amnesia (Live) 23-2-14 Glasgow

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Dylan O’Brien at WonderCon 2014

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Me and @zozeebo both got our haircut today!

“Unlike Stiles, I am actually innately shy and I am not as quick as he is to be confident in what he has to face. But we’re similiar in the way he feels about his friends and how he is loyal to them… and how he would do anything for them.” - Dylan O’Brien, Fashionisto Magazine


who is this pr team????? i dont wanna see them walking down a pier with your movie maker transition effects i want them shirtless on the french riviera on yachts like those gucci sunglasses ads i dont understand why they think i wanna see them pale and cold with uncomfortable close ups ew


the thing about one direction is that every year before their tour begins you could almost think that they’re done and their fame was a quick 5 minute one way but then their fucking tour starts and it’s like all these teenaged girls come back to life from hell and it may look like their fame is over right now bUT JUST WAIT TILL THEIR TOUR STARTS IM TELLING YOU THEIR FANS ARE GONNA WAKE UP FROM THE DEAD AND GIVE THEM A MILLION DOLLAR HOURLY WAGE FOR A FEW MONTHS

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